To Bayes or Not to Bayes


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bulletLecture Notes
bulletHomework Assignments
bulletReading Assignmens

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Lecture Notes

Why probability in geotechnical engineering?
Detailed Outline  

Fundamental Mathematics of Probability Theory

bulletSet Theory ( Supplement )
bulletProbability Space
bulletCounting and Equally Outcomes
bulletConditional Probability and Independence

Random Variable And Random Process

bulletOne Random Variable 
Reading Assignment:
1. Reliability-Based Method for Assessing Liquefaction Potential of Soils
   (Juang et al. 1999)  
2. Reducing Performance Uncertainties with Monitoring Data
   (Ching and Hsieh, 2006)
bulletTwo Random Variables
bulletRandom Vector
Reading Assignment:
A Statistical Framework for Inverse Problems in Geotechnical Engineering
   (A manuscript by Lin, 1999)  
bulletProbability Distribution and Inequality
bulletStochastic Convergence and Order Statistics
bulletRandom Process
bulletExample: Seismic Hazard Analysis
bullet Computations of Moments of Y=g(X)

Reliability Analysis

bulletIntroduction to Reliability Analysis
bulletMonte Carlo Simulation
bulletFirst Order Second Moment
bulletPoint Estimate Method  
Reading Assignment:
1. Factor of Safety and Reliability in Geotechnical Engineering
(Duncan 2000)

2. Efficient Reliability Evaluation Using Spreadsheet
    (Low and Tang 1997)
First-Order Reliability Method for Probabilistic Liquefaction Triggering Analysis Using CPT (Juang et al. 2006)
 4. Equivalence Between Reliability And Fs
    (Ching and Liao 2006)

Data Analysis

bulletParameter Estimation
bulletModel Selection
bulletExperimental Design

Statistical Mechanics

bulletIntroduction to Statistical Mechanics in Geotech. Engr.

Homework Assignments

bulletHomework on Set Theory
bulletHomework on Probability Space
bulletHomework on Counting
bulletHomework on Conditional Probability
bulletHomework on Random Variable
bulletHomework on Two Random Variable
bulletHomework on Probability and Inequality
bulletHomework on Simulation
bulletHomework on Reliability Analysis
bulletHomework on Parameter Estimation

General Reading Materials

bullet Probabilistic Methods In Geotechnical Engineering
Workshop at ASCE GeoLogan'97 Confernce, Edited by Gordon A. Fenton
bulletOrganizing and Evaluating Uncertainty in Geotechnical Engineering
(Whitman, 2000)
bullet Variance of Soil Parameters: Some Common Misconception
(Li and Lo, 2006)
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