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This page contains links to files we are making available for download. The files are distributed by PDF format. 

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bulletAnalysis of Signals and Characterization of Systems
bulletWave Propagation and Geophysical Quantities
bulletGeophysical Methods

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Opening Remarks (Geo-Imaging & Geo-Nerve)
Overview of Engineering Geophysics
        Reading Assignment: Applications and Challenges of Near Surface Geophysics in Geotechnical Engineering
        Part I     Seismic Methods
        Part II    Electrical Methods
        Homework #0

Anslysis of Signals and Characterization of Systems
Matlab Primer
Oneline Matlab Tutorials (More Matlab Tutorials)
Signals and Systems
           Homework #1
Time Domain Analysis
          Homework # 2 (Reference Materials: Hw2files.rar, ASTM D7400, Kim et al. 2004, BoreholeShearWaveSurvey.pdf, Downhole_Suspension_Sonic.pdf)
Complex Variable
Frequency Domain Analysis of Signals
        Homework #3 (eq1.dat)
Frequency Domain Analysis of Systems
        Homework #4 (eq2.dat)
Discrete Inverse Theory
        Homework #5

Wave Propagation & Geophysical Quantities
Spectral Analysis of Wave Propagation
        1_D Seismic Wave Propagation
        3-D Seismic Wave Propagation
        Surface Wave Propagation--Rayleigh Wave
Geophysical Quantities
        Seismic Properties
        Electrical Properties

Geophysical Methods
Seismic Methods
        -Surface Wave Method
                    Homework #6 (Reference Material: Hw6files.rar)
        -Refraction Method 
                    Homework #7
        -Reflection Method
Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods
        -Electrical Resistivity Method
        -Ground Penetration Radar
Borehole Geophysical Methods
        - Borehole Seismic Methods
                Downhole: ASTM D7400
                Crosshole: ASTM D4428
                Suspension PS Logging

Other Reading Materials
Trends in geophysical site characterization (1998)
Application of Geophysical Exploration for Environmental Earth Sciences and Engineering
Vision for Geophysics Instrumentation in Watershed Hydrological Research

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